The ear is an organ we use every single day.  First thing in the morning is the alarm clock or the sizzle of breakfast. It is nearly impossible to escape the sensation of sound. This is why it is so hard to tell when hearing loss is becoming an issue as the lesser sound of yesterday seamlessly becomes the lesser sound of today. Hearing is a dominant means of communication between self and the outside world. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that their hearing is fading.

Hearing loss happens a little each day. It is not sudden but the realization that a friend, acquaintance or loved one is experiencing hearing loss may come like a lightning strike, quick and unexpected. All of a sudden, things make sense. Volumes turned up way too loud, failure to participate in conversations and general ‘disregard’ for audio cues do not mean that a friend or loved one has lost interest. It may mean they are experiencing hearing loss.

So, armed with this knowledge, what now? First would be recommending a hearing test for that person to see if it truly is hearing loss and not some other ailment. When it comes to health, accurate information from professionals is much more valuable than simple hearsay. No matter how much a friend or loved one means well, always check with a medical professional before taking any action. 

A hearing test would be applied usually quickly and always painlessly. In a soundproof room, a patient would be given headphones to wear that would emit sounds and then the patient would indicate if they heard the sound and from which ear. It is recommended these quick, easy and painless tests be done every year, as would be typical for a yearly check up.

In this day and age with the advancement in technology, there is comfort in knowing there is help out there for hearing loss. Hearing aids come in many designs and are so subtle that they look like wireless earbuds. Most phones, cellular or landline, are built with the knowledge that those experiencing hearing loss will be using their products and have included features to accommodate them. Some phones will connect to hearing aids using wireless connection or have louder settings for phone calls. 

Hearing aids, like most devices, require maintenance and batteries. Maintaining these devices is integral to getting the most out of them and making sure that they do their job. Not much can be done to stop hearing loss as this condition is caused by many factors including environment or genetics but proper equipment can prevent hearing from going all together, too quickly.

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