Are you currently experiencing difficulty with your hearing and need information?  Then you have come to the right place.  At Southern Nevada Audiology we not only want to help treat your hearing loss we want to help you find answers to understand your hearing loss.

In most people hearing loss is just a natural part of the aging process and almost everyone will experience it to some level.  In others it can be the result of illness, or a loud work environment. In either situation It may initially start with not being able to hear some of life’s smaller, more subtle sounds such as crickets, rustling leaves, or trickling water and eventually it manifests itself when you have trouble understanding conversations with friends and family.

As a quick self examination, ask yourself if you have experienced any of the following...

  • Muffled Speech
  • Chirping Crickets
  • Trouble understanding people in a crowd
  • Do you have to turn the radio or TV up high to hear it?  Or do people tell you its up to loud?

These are all indicators that you may be suffering from hearing loss.  If you have experienced any of the above issues then a hearing exam is a good starting place to see if you have developed hearing loss.  The exam is easy, painless, and non-invasive and can be completed at our office and results are provided the same day.

Our services include the following:

To schedule an appointment to discuss your hearing loss contact us today.  Our main office number is 702-990-1568.



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"I came to Southern Nevada Audiology after my Ears, Nose & Throat Doctor said I had a rare hearing loss in both ears.  Carrie did a great job with me.  We had to first find the right hearing aid for me then she patiently took the time to get everything right.  I now can hear more clearly and I feel more included with everything in my life! Thanks Carrie!" 

- JoAnn N.