At Southern Nevada Audiology we are committed to helping you achieve better hearing. Southern Nevada Audiology has the professional staff that will help you every step of the way to better hearing. High quality, professional audiology services are provided by a licensed and board certified audiologist.

What to expect at your hearing assessment:

Complete evaluation of hearing levels
As Las Vegas audiologists, we provide comprehensive audiological evaluations. The evaluation includes assessment of middle ear function, pure tone testing, and speech testing. The evaluation is conducted in a sound treated booth to provide accurate hearing test results. We are able to provide full audiological assessments for both pediatric and adult populations - providing complete hearing health care for all generations.

Review and explain results of evaluation
Audiogram is a chart displaying an individuals hearing levels at various frequencies (tones).

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If it is determined that a patient is a Las Vegas hearing aid candidate, then a hearing aid evaluation will be conducted with the patient. During the evaluation hearing aid recommendations will be made based not only the patient's hearing loss, but also based upon the lifestyle needs of the patient. It is important that a hearing aid(s) is customized to meet the patients hearing and lifestyle needs.

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The cost of the recommended hearing aid(s) will be reviewed with the patient during the evaluation. The audiologist will also discuss with the patient realistic expectations of hearing aid use.

Discuss hearing solutions
Our audiologist will discuss with you various hearing solutions depending on your listening needs. Southern Nevada Audiology works with various hearing aid manufacturers and is able to fit you with hearing solutions that meets your listening demands.



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