Care for our own safety and the safety of our community and loved ones encourages us to wear masks whenever we step out of our homes. It has been scientifically proven that masks greatly help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, keeping it contained while also halting its advance.

The desire to connect with loved ones and our environment encourages the use of hearing aids. Sadly, wearing both masks and hearing aids can overlap in hazardous ways. Sometimes, removing masks can dislodge a hearing aid which can be hard to find if too much time passes between its loss and the realization that the device is missing.  The fallen hearing aid may even fall victim to pets who think they have found a new chew toy or curious young children who may not understand the importance the device holds.

It would be beneficial to double check that the hearing aids are still in place after the removal of a mask. It is also helpful to use a mask that ties around the head versus looping behind the ears to reduce any chances of interference with the hearing aids.

Whether the device is lost, damaged or not working right, we here at Southern Nevada Audiology will be more than happy to solve the problem and get life back on track!