Summer is upon us once again! Time for vacations which means relaxing, bonding and water activities like swimming.

However, there are hidden concerns in getting those ears wet. Ears are both resilient and sensitive. The ear can manage itself well enough to make loud noises bearable but something as harmless as water can cause injury or infection that may lead to growths or conditions like Tinnitus.

Getting water out of an ear is easy and there are lots of ways to do it – tilting the head and wiggling the ear via earlobe, yawning or chewing movements, there are even over the counter medications available.  These are the most common and recommended methods of getting water out of the ear. Methods such as using a cotton swab are not recommended and can cause all sorts of issues – compacted earwax, scrapes that can become infected, introduction of other bacteria and fungi that can cause some serious problems.

Most conditions can be prevented and easily treated. If unpleasant or unfamiliar sensations such as itching, soreness, burning sensations, inflammation or if it feels like there is something in the ear then it may be time to get those ears examined at by a doctor. Conditions that are left unchecked can lead to vertigo or hearing loss. Sometimes, infections and fungi can spread to outside the ear and infect the skin on the face and head or inside the body.

This summer, just remember how easy it is to clean up wet, warm ears and how hard it can be to get rid of any infections or fungus that can grow and spread. Don’t let it spread, just tilt that head!

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