It takes an average of seven years from the time people become aware of hearing issues to taking a hearing test and establishing a treatment plan. Unfortunately, this 7 year gap places the burden on family and friends, which can negatively impact relationships.

Living with hearing loss makes it challenging to effortlessly stay engaged. Conversations become limited as one is straining to hear, attempting to make sense of it and looking for context clues, plus repeatedly asking for clarification takes a toll.

Marriages and romantic partnerships are often most affected. Communication is an essential aspect of expressing, revitalizing and deepening intimacy. Even seemingly trivial conversations are critical in preserving our connection and maintaining a sense of happiness in relationships. With hearing loss, conversations tend to be reduced to only the most crucial topics. This can lead to a sense of loneliness for both partners, which can also result in frustration and resentment.

Some may believe that they can endure hearing loss and just “ride out the storm.” Or may think, “My hearing isn’t that bad,” or “I’ll get hearing aids when it gets worse.”

Mild hearing loss makes it extremely challenging to listen when there is background noise. Those with mild hearing loss are more likely to experience memory issues compared to those with no hearing issues or those using hearing aids. This may be because the brain is so focused on trying to comprehend what is being said that it lacks the capacity to fully understand and retain the information, leading to poor memory recall.

Creating memories involves a complex process where information and new events are linked to previous memories and are interwoven. We remember things because of the impact they had on us at the time. Ultimately, the things we recall have in some way shaped us, whether significant or not. When the brain is occupied with trying to understand sounds it cannot hear clearly, it becomes more difficult to live in the moment and preserve memories.

Why the focus on memories? Because memories are the foundation of our relationships. The two major issues that come with mild hearing loss – social exhaustion and memory issues – ultimately affect our relationships.

When we get tired faster, we spend less time with loved ones. If we cannot hear what is going on during gatherings, we will likely be less engaged in the conversation. If we cannot recall much of what we hear, we will not be able to take the experience with us and our relationships will be affected.

Wearing hearing aids can effectively prevent these relationship problems. By enabling clear hearing and understanding of speech, hearing aids help you maintain important relationships. Spending time with friends, family, or alone with a spouse or partner can be filled with happiness and closeness, and you’ll continue to create memories for years to come.

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