The new year is filled with all sorts of lovely sights and sounds. Fireworks lighting up the sky, the pop – fizz of champagne bottles and the joyous cries of “Happy New Year!” filling the air. The sense that reigns over this moment is hearing.  Most probably do not think about it but should the sounds of the holidays and celebrations disappear, they just would not be the same. 

Hearing is used all day, every day – nonstop. Ears are subjected to all sorts of straining and stimulation from the world around them simply doing as it does. Think about how often loud noises come around from construction, traffic, movies, cellphone conversations and such. These can potentially cause pain and strain to the ear, possibly causing problems like headaches. The occasional strain often does not cause lasting damage but what if someone is regularly in loud places or around loud things.

People who work with or around loud noises like construction equipment, cars and motorcycles or even musical instruments should look into proper hearing protection. Using noise canceling headphones and earplugs is a great way to lessen the strain on the ear. Working with a medical professional to add custom earplugs to the list is recommended by doctors for those who want quality ear and hearing protection. Custom earplugs are known for having a comfortable fit.  It is also reported that custom earplugs not only protect hearing but also allow users to hear noises better than most brands of earplugs. Safety without sacrificing sound. 

It is recommended to get a hearing test performed every 10 years, until 50 years of age. For those over the age of 50, it is recommended to have hearing tests performed every 3 years. A hearing test is a quick, simple and painless test to check how well a patient can hear. Can the patient hear soft noises? Can the patient tell where noises are coming from? These questions are answered with the hearing test. The test is administered through headphones or a soundproof room. The patient will simply respond to noises in the appropriate manner as discussed prior to the test with the Audiologist. The results are usually discussed immediately after as well as any concerns or problems. Fast, easy and painless tests can help keep hearing working at its prime. 

Hearing loss is not always about the environment though. Sometimes, genetics, accidents and injuries can play a role in hearing loss. When loss of hearing is noticed, it is best to contact a trusted medical professional to discuss the next steps. Often, a person will avoid the topic for up to 7 years before someone else notices or the person experiencing hearing loss will speak up. Hearing aids, subtle and discreet as they are now, can be a great help to those experiencing hearing loss.

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