Ears are resilient yet delicate organs that can recover from common problems like tenderness or ‘ringing’ in the ears on their own. Some common problems surprisingly have easy solutions. The ‘popping’ in ears when driving around mountains or scuba diving can be combated by slowing your ascent or descent which allows your ears to naturally adjust to the change in pressure. Headphones that produce white noise or cancel sound all together can help after exposure to lots of noise like at a concert or around construction.  Ears and sinuses are connected, clearing your sinuses may help restore hearing related issues.

However, if problems persists, it might be time to start asking different questions.

Age, medication and genetics are things to consider. Do you have relatives who experience hearing loss? How old were they when it started? What medications do you take? Medication for high blood pressure, kidney issues or diabetes can sometimes have an affect on your hearing. If you take any of these medications and experience hearing loss, it would be best to talk to your doctor about it.

What about the inside of your ear?

Sometimes, the problem can exist within the ear itself in the form of abnormal bone growth or impacted earwax and would definitely require a visit to the doctor to safely assess. Trying to solve it without the aid of a qualified professional can result in damaged hearing or even loss of equilibrium and balance.

Our ears are how we connect to the world around us and losing that connection can be scary. Take charge of your hearing health and learn the facts.

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