Loneliness and hearing loss, is there a connection? Yes. Before birth, humans connect to the world around them through their five senses and hearing is the most influential at that time of life. Hearing connects us to the world in many ways but the most valuable influences are the ones we share with family, friends and partners.

People usually love to talk to one another – telling jokes, stories or exchanging advice or ideas. With hearing loss, it can be hard to do these simple yet meaningful things. Without a tether, loved ones will drift away and leave behind a feeling of loneliness.

Feeling alone is never a good feeling but it can also have effects on the body too. Some signs of depression, anxiety and high blood pressure can be linked to loneliness as the starting factor. Quarantine procedures are definitely not helping those who find themselves with hearing loss. With social distancing and mask mandates, even reading lips can be a challenge.

Taking charge during any signs of hearing loss can prevent both loved ones from drifting away and any unwanted side effects of loneliness. Hearing aids can help a person stay connected to the world. Do not allow precious moments to slip away! Get a good quality hearing aid and enjoy life.