May is the month dedicated to celebrating better hearing and speech.  This month is all about raising awareness for speech and hearing issues in hopes to make people’s lives more productive, increasingly safer, and more enjoyable by promoting hearing loss screenings and prevention.

When it comes to communication, the first and most familiar method is through audio.  This includes speech and music.  Unfortunately, those with hearing problems can often feel excluded.  It is no one’s fault but it can hurt people nonetheless. Those who experience hearing loss are not always so eager to wear a hearing aid in fear of how others will see them.  This fear can cause people to become lonely and depressed as they isolate themselves from social interactions.  

On average, it takes seven years for a person with hearing loss to seek help.  Seven years is too long!  Everyone deserves to get the most out of every social gathering.  Hearing aids are a great way to get back to feeling comfortable around those important loved ones.  Support groups are also around to help new hearing aid users adjust to their devices.

Seeing people confidently wearing hearing aids helps remove the stigma that hearing aids have gained unjustly. Persons of all ages with hearing issues wear hearing aids to get the most out of life and doing so encourages others to confidently go forward with their own hearing aid journey.

Hearing aids are not about looking old, weak or feeble. They are about living fully and going forward with confidence.  Please schedule your hearing assessment / checkup with Southern Nevada Audiology today!  Learn more about the advancements in modern hearing aids.