When it comes to hearing loss, the news is most impactful especially delivered from a loved one. The ones closest to those experiencing hearing loss are most likely to notice it and also be in a position to prompt them to make a hearing health appointment.  For friends and family of those who may be experiencing hearing loss or may be suspected of such, here are some indicators to look out for:

The simple pleasure of a conversation may suddenly become an exhausting chore. A person experiencing hearing loss will either miss out on most of a conversation or ask for something to be repeated constantly which can make others frustrated and bothered.

Issues with technology, especially the volume, may arise. Whether it be the inability to hear someone over the phone properly or the volume on the tv getting louder is a sign that hearing loss may be the problem.

Extra effort put into conversations will make those experiencing hearing loss more fatigued and tired than normal. Some may even experience headaches from the extra effort. The extra time needed to recuperate will make them lose even more precious time with those they wish to have a conversation with.

Overall things can become difficult to hear. High pitched noises disappear in the wind and everyone seems to mumble their words all of a sudden. Not to mention the fact that the origin of a sound will be harder to decipher than before.

Alarms can lose their effectiveness as well, which can cause reminders on medication schedules, dates and appointments to be ignored.

Some people might not want to accept that they are experiencing hearing loss so if a loved one seems to be experiencing the above symptoms–take the initiative to discuss any concerns and options.  If they require extra care during the conversation, it might be best to get a check-up from an audiologist.

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