Holidays are a great time for families to come together to relax, reconnect and feast. Families can differ in ages, interests, backgrounds and needs. When a family comes together, it is a joyous and wondrous occasion, but it also means that some special accommodations should be taken care of for those in need.  Studies tell us that half of all American families have at least one member who experiences hearing loss to some degree. It is suggested that those families take their loved one’s needs into consideration.

Families, big or small, usually have a range of age groups from very young to elderly. These people usually have different interests and energy levels. For example, children and teenagers can tend to be energetic and loud while the more mature members prefer peace and quiet. It would be inconsiderate to expect them to be in the same room peacefully. Be sure to make designated areas for people of different energy levels.

When it comes to hearing loss, age can sometimes be a factor, but age is not always the cause. Some people are born deaf, some people have had accidents that resulted in their hearing issues and others still have their own unique situations that may result in them being deaf. In a family, there may be children with hearing aids or teens who are hard of hearing who should be taken into consideration too. For example, during a movie, try putting on subtitles so it is easier for those experiencing hearing loss to follow along. 

These family gatherings are also an opportunity to bring awareness of a possibility of hearing loss among those present. Friends and family who live closer to said family members experiencing hearing loss may not notice subtle little signs that loss of hearing may be occurring. For family not seen in a year, it would be obvious if anyone started showing the symptoms of losing their hearing. 

Volume is a good indicator. The volume of headphones or a television being turned up to uncomfortable levels is a common sign of hearing loss. Another sign is disengagement from conversation. This happens simply because the person cannot hear the conversation as clearly as everyone else. Constant requests to repeat something is also a very common sign that people will often directly link to hearing loss, usually asking the person if they are having a hard time hearing.

When it comes to the holidays, family is most important. Whether it’s ringing in a new year or having a family reunion, family is right in the center. Be sure to look after their safety and happiness this season by helping them care for themselves. 

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