When hearing aids are medically advised to be worn, it is not just to help people hear better. It also helps maintain what hearing capacities remain. Neglecting instruction to wear aids is likely to result in further hearing loss. It is important to wear them, as it helps to maintain strong and healthy social connections, making conversations easy to follow.

Hearing loss does not have to be the course plotted to sail. The stress that comes with consistently misunderstanding discussions can altogether be avoided. These devices not only aid in hearing, but safety as well.

According to Ivy League research[1], the incidence of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and cognitive decline is all mitigated by adopting the habit of wearing hearing aids. Serious implications may be avoided for those who seek out proper care.

With the help of hearing aids, lives become enriched. Deeper social and professional connections can result from the clarity of sound.

To get the most out of hearing aids, everyday use is a must. With consistency, an audiologist is better able to fine-tune and calibrate hearing aids. These adjustments are made to the patient’s personal needs and preferences.

Proper maintenance is also mandatory, for long-lasting effectiveness. Ask Southern Nevada Audiology for tips on proper use and keeping the device clean.

[1]Lin FR, Yaffe K, Xia J, et al. Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults. JAMA Intern Med. 2013;173(4):293–299. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.1868