With the holidays fast approaching you may engage in more frequent social gatherings.  Whether you suffer from hearing loss or have a family member who does, here are some tips for improving your precious time together.

Get their attention first

Say their name or gently touch them first before you start speaking – this gives them a chance to give you their full and complete attention.

Get closer and face them

In crowded situations, getting closer will help communication and overcome background noise.  Also, facing the person will help add non-verbal ques to reinforce your talking points.

Do not use one-word answers

One word responses are more difficult to hear.  Words such as “yes” and “no” can sound similar to someone with hearing issues.   This happens more often with background noises and if the listener cannot see the person’s face. 

Speak clearly not loudly

To help the person with hearing issues it would be more effective to speak clearer and enunciate each syllable versus just speaking louder.

Avoid repeating, rephrase instead

If someone with a hearing issue, ask you to repeat your conversation then you should rephrase your sentence instead of saying the exact same thing.

This Holiday enjoy each precious moment!  Hear well.  Stay social.  Enjoy life.

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