Stay at home order has families spending extra time together.  While great memories are being created those with hearing aid issues can have a different experience.  The volume on the TV or a mobile device might be an indication of a hearing issue or a hearing aid on the fritz. 

If you find a loved one does not seem to be paying attention, is having trouble communicating or raises the volume way too loud then they might have a hearing problem. Try turning on closed captions for them so they will not be tempted to raise the volume. When talking to them, make sure you are in their line of sight and your lips are visible so they can read your lips which will help them to better understand you. 

If you or a loved one already have a hearing aid but find your hearing aid simply is not helping, then it may be time to have it checked out. Just like any technical device, a hearing aid is an invaluable tool and should be treated as such with regular cleaning, maintenance and proper handling.

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